Customer Account Policy

Establish An Account 

Bookstores, distributors, consignment and wholesale customers can create an account by establishing a payment history. Having a customer account allows you to purchase merchandise by purchase order, receive a discount on orders, and to pay your balance by check or direct deposit (ACH transfer). To establish an account, your first three orders with us must be paid in full by credit card at the time of the order. Credit card orders can be placed through our website. A current billing address, shipping address, email address and telephone number are required. 

Discounts:  Once an account is established, customers are eligible to receive a discount on the purchase of FiT Publishing products. Your customer number and discount code will be provided with your new account information. Discount codes can be used for orders placed on our website.

Purchase Orders (PO): Once an account is established, you can place your order with a valid PO number by mail, email, fax and telephone. See how to Place an Order.

Account Billing and Payment

Once established, customer accounts with a balance due will be sent a statement monthly to the customer-established billing address. Statements are mailed around the 15th of each month and allow a 30-day grace period to accommodate university payment systems. If you are part of a bookstore chain or corporate franchise, your monthly store statement will be included as part of the corporate statement received at billing headquarters.

Statements can be paid by check or ACH payment (if established) or by credit card. Please note:

  • Checks and ACH payments should be made out to WVU -- FiT Publishing, and include the order number to correctly apply payment.
  • Notify FiT Customer Service of pending ACH payments to ensure full and timely credit to your account. Notification must include WVU - FiT Publishing, the order number, transaction number (if known) and date of transfer.
  • Return credit amounts applied on check stubs must reflect the 10% restocking fee. Please see our Return Policy.

To set up your account to pay by ACH, please contact

Customer Service

If you have any questions regarding an order, please contact FiT customer service. Representatives are available to help you Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. You can call, email or fax your requests or billing questions. Invoices and packing slips accompany every shipment. Tracking numbers and credit memos are provided upon request, along with a statement of account. 

Account Status

Active: Accounts are considered active and in good standing when payments are made at regular intervals, typically monthly, to cover the cost of orders for the prior period. We allow a 30-day grace period. Account statements identify current and overdue balances in increments of 30, 60, 90 and 120 days. 

Past Due: Account are considered past due when no payments have been received for 90 days. FiT makes courtesy reminder calls to customers with a past due account balance at 90 days.

Credit and Account Holds: FiT may place a hold on accounts with past due balances:

Accounts with a balance due over 120 days is considered past due and subject to a hold. This means new orders must be paid in full via credit card at the time of sale until the past due balance is paid.

A hold may be placed on an account barring all orders with a balance due over 180 days. 

Closure or Changes: You must notify FiT Publishing of business closure, merger, or name, address, or other relevant operational changes that affect your account. FiT must receive at least 30 days notice of such closure or changes. Notice must include all pertinent information to update or reconcile your existing customer account. Payment in full of any outstanding balance is required prior to business closure. We will provide a statement of account for this purpose.

Customer account information may be reported to the credit bureaus and collection agencies for nonpayment. 

Returns and Credits:  Credit memos are issued for eligible book returns, less a 10% restocking fee. Return credit can be applied to existing or new orders. Credit balances appear on monthly statements. See the complete Return Policy to properly return and receive credit for overstock.

Refunds: Accounts with a credit balance that have been inactive for a period of 365 days can request a refund to close the account. Customers will receive a full statement of account, along with refund information. Refunds are issued by the State of West Virginia, and may take several weeks to process.

Still have a question?  Please contact our office at or call 304-293-6888.