Ticket Operations and Sales Management in Sport

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In one of the most current and comprehensive textbooks on the topic of ticket operations and sales management, James T. Reese and a collection of academicians and practitioners provide insight, practical tips, and first-hand accounts of what it takes to excel in this growing and ever-changing industry. Chapters cover topics such as customer service, sales, pricing, dis­tribution, the secondary ticket market, and new ticketing technology.

"This book is the 'how to' book on ticket operations and sales management. Students utilizing this book will be prepared to sell and operate one of the most important revenue streams in sport ticketing."
—From the foreword by Rick Nichols, owner of Admissions Sport Consulting

Rick Nichols vii
Acknowledgments ix
Chapter 1 ticket Operations history and Background
James T. Reese, Jr. and Derek Thomas 1
Chapter 2 ticketing  technology
James T. Reese, Jr., Dexter Davis, Katelyn Jacobs, and
Don Rovak 11
Chapter 3 Customer Service and Customer Relationship Management  (CRM)
Jim Kadlecek and Flavil Hampsten 23
Chapter 4 Priority Systems
James T. Reese, Jr 33
Chapter 5 ticket Pricing
Kevin Heisey and James T. Reese, Jr 47
Chapter 6 the ticket Sales Process
Mark Washo 59
Chapter 7 ticket Distribution
Shelley Binegar 79
Chapter 8 Secondary ticket Market
Joris Drayer 89
Chapter 9 Legal Aspects of ticket Operations
Mark A. Dodds, Kristi Schoepfer Bochicchio,
and Peter Han 101
Chapter 10 Policy Development
Shelley Binegar 121
Chapter 11 internships and Job Preparation
Vicky Martin and James T. Reese, Jr 139
Chapter 12 Securing a Job in ticket Operations
or ticket Sales
James T. Reese, Jr. and Vicky Martin 157
References 169
index 179
About the Editor 183
About the Authors 185