Girish Prayag
Elsa Grivel

The present study is aimed at segmenting participants’ motivation for attending the Interamnia World Cup (IWC) in 2012 and identifying whether motivational profiles differ by demographics and post-consumption behaviors. The IWC is an annual event hosted by the city of Teramo-Italy and is aimed at young participants interested in the sport of handball. Based on a sample of international sport tourists (n = 242), the study uncovers four clusters of participants (Indifferent, Enthusiast, Socializer, and Competitive). The results confirm that the youth segment of sport tourists is not...Read more

Nicholas D. Theodorakis
Daniel L. Wann
Stephen Weaver

The current investigation examined the interrelationships among overall sport team identification, specific dimensions of team identification, and behavioral intentions. Using an antecedents approach to guide predictions (Dabholkar, Shepherd, & Thorpe, 2000), a model was tested in which overall identification would mediate the relationship between specific dimensions of team identification and behavioral intentions. To test the hypothesized pattern of effects, participants completed a questionnaire packet assessing overall identification via the Sport Spectator Identification Scale (...Read more

Gi-Yong Koo
Jerome Quarterman
Leisa Flynn

The purposes of this study were to: a) examine the effect of perceived brand/sport event image fit on consumers?cognitive and affective responses, and b) examine the effects of consumers?cognitive and affective responses on purchase intentions. Data were collected from different participants under two conditions, pre-test and main test. The pre-test stage included 162 participants and the main test stage included 452 participants who watched the 2003 College Bowl Championship Series. The results revealed that participants in the high image fit group had more positive corporate image and...Read more