Henry Wear
Michael L. Naraine
and Jordan Bakhsh

The proliferation and growth of women’s professional sport over time has seen a range of consumer outcomes and attention. Recently, there has been increased acknowledgement by sport marketing researchers that there is something inherently unique about the consumption and engagement of individuals as fans of women’s sport. Simultaneously, there have been new findings regarding the importance of brand associations for new sport teams as they seek to craft a brand to ensure financial success. Th is study builds on this work by showcasing the changing nature of consumer perceptions as they...Read more

Benjamin Larkin
Ryan Spalding
and Taesoo Ahn

Along with the growth of fantasy sport has come a slew of research on how participation in the activity affects traditional fan behavior. The current study extends this line of literature by investigating how participation in fantasy sport impacts fans’ perceptions of players. Specifically, through an application of cognitive miser theory, we argue that fantasy sport participants, as well as highly identified fans, are susceptible to a fantasy judgment bias, wherein players are assessed more from the perspective of their fantasy sport performance than actual on-field performance. Using...Read more