Yoon Heo
Zack P. Pedersen
Antonio S. Williams
and Kevin K. Byon

Collaborations between sport footwear/apparel manufacturers and fashion icons (e.g., designers, musicians, celebrities) have become an integral marketing practice over the last decade. Although the number of footwear collaborations has continually grown across the industry, scholars have yet to evaluate the effects of such marketing practices. The focal aim of this study was to assess the impact of product collaborations on sport consumers who were familiar with sport shoe collaboration. A total of 345 respondents participated in an experimental study to test the effects of self-image...Read more

Antonio S. Williams
Sungwook Son
Patrick Walsh
and Jin Park

Despite sport rebranding becoming an emerging topic for both academia and industry, there has been a limited number of investigations on how sport rebranding influences sport fans. The aim of this study is to investigate how sport rebranding in the form of logo redesign influences fan loyalty. Through an experimental approach, the results indicate that attitude toward rebranding plays a significant role in fan response when sport rebranding occurs. Additional findings suggest that logo evaluation partially mediates the relationship between logo change and brand loyalty. This study makes...Read more