Jackson Sears
Philip Kang
Yong Jae Ko
and Joon Sung Lee

The aim of the current research was to identify consumer needs that significantly influenced daily fantasy sports (DFS) consumption. Specifically, we sought to predict DFS participation intention and information search. Existence, relatedness, and growth (ERG) theory and self-determination theory (SDT) served as theoretical inspirations for need selection. Th e needs included were needs for autonomy, arousal, uniqueness, status, achievement, competence, and relatedness. The results of the current study indicate that autonomy and achievement needs are important for DFS consumers....Read more

Jeremy M. Losak

Differentiating and defining games of skill versus chance have major legal implications when classifying gambling, especially in relation to daily fantasy sports in the United States. This paper provides a theoretical discussion and introduces an empirical approach to analyzing game player pricing mechanisms. If game pricing mechanisms are fully efficient—player prices fully reflect the expected contributions from players—then that game is one of chance since there is no opportunity for skill to play a role in outcomes. This paper examines player prices from DraftKings’ daily fantasy...Read more