Grzegorz Kwiatkowski

This study contributes to the literature on economic impact assessments of sporting events by categorizing attendees of small-scale sporting events based on their potential primary economic stimulus to the host region. Thereby, the research questions driving this study are as follows: (1) What is the composition of event attendees at small-scale sporting events according to their primary economic stimulus to the host region? and (2) How does the composition of event attendees vary between the three considered events? The study builds upon primary data (N = 2,006) gathered at three small-...Read more

Marijke Taks
Stefan Kesenne
Laurence Chalip
Christine Green
Scott Martyn

This paper empirically illustrates the difference between a standard economic impact analysis (EIA) and a cost-benefit analysis (CBA). The EIA was conducted using an existing (input-output) I-O model (STEAM). The benefit side of the CBA included non-local visitor spending, the revenue of the local organizing committee (LOC), the consumer surplus, and public good value of the sport event for the local residents. The cost side of the CBA was estimated based on the opportunity costs related to the construction of the stadium (including labor costs and the cost of borrowing), imports, and...Read more