Richard Lapchick
John E Dollar
Adrien Bouchet
Aju J. Fenn

In response to the increasing debate on the relative worth of small events compared to large events, we create a theoretical model to determine whether smaller events are more likely to create positive economic impact. First, event size and city size are redefined as continuums of resources. The concepts of event resource demand (ERD) and city resource supply (CRS) are introduced, allowing for a joint analysis of supply and demand. When local economic conditions are brought into the analysis, the framework determines how a city resource deficiency or surplus affects the economic impact of...Read more

Heidi M. Parker
Janet S. Fink

Many companies use athlete endorsers to help promote brands and sell products, and athletes are paid considerably for allowing companies to marry the athlete’s image and persona with their products and/or services. Thus, understanding what makes an effective endorser is an important question. Grounded in source credibility and match-up hypothesis theory, this study examined how knowledge of an athlete’s prior arrest or knowledge about an athlete’s sexuality would impact perceived source credibility characteristics of attractiveness, trustworthiness, and expertise, as well as perceptions of...Read more