John Grady

Fantasy sports have become an increasingly popular outlet for average sports fans desiring “ownership” in a fantasy professional sports league. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (2006), 15-18 million players participate annually in fantasy sports leagues. “With fantasy sports generating an estimated $100 million in revenue and growing at a 7%-10% [rate] annually, unions and leagues see a lucrative opportunity to cash in on players’ names and performance” (McCarthy, 2006. p. 1). Given the driving force behind fantasy sports is the combined use of player names and statistics...Read more

Kevin Filo
Daniel C. Funk

The Internet has developed faster than any other form of electronic technology or communication. As a result, businesses strive to improve their Internet presence and evaluate their website communication. The majority of Internet marketing research has focused on the content analysis using traditional marketing mix elements: product, price, promotion, and place. The present study advocates a more consumer-oriented approach to Internet marketing that allows sport organizations to coordinate venue-based consumer experience with virtual content provided on Internet websites to capitalize on...Read more

Damon P. S. Andrew
John Grady

The Internet has grown faster than all other forms of electronic technology and all other mediums of communication (Berthon, Pitt, & Watson, 1996). The Harris Poll indicated the number of adult Internet users in the US has steadily risen over the past nine years from 17.5 million in 1995 to 156 million in 2004 (Taylor, 2004). Indeed, while only 9% of U.S. adults were online in 1995, 73% were online in 2004. Studies have shown that some of the most common activities among those who use the Internet “often?or “very often?include getting information about products and services (41%),...Read more