J. Andrew Choi

Between January 2001 and November 2009, players of Asian descent won nearly 30% of the 287 LPGA-sanctioned tournaments held during the period. By contrast, only 15 years ago (in 1995), an Asian player won only one of the 37 LPGA tournaments held that year (Ladies Professional Golf Association [LPGA], 2009). Clearly, a new generation of golfers has significantly increased the ethnic diversity of the LPGA and its tournament winners. This study investigated whether and how ethnic diversity in the LPGA has influenced the objectives and strategies of LPGA sponsorship decisions for the Anheuser-...Read more

Matthew J. Robinson
J. Richard Carpenter

The purpose of this study was to determine if the day of the week impacted select socio-demographic characteristics and consumption patterns of spectators attending a Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) event. A questionnaire was administered to randomly selected spectators on each day of the tournament using the spectator-intercept method for golf developed by Hansen and Guathier (1993). Twoway Chi square analysis determined that significant differences exist regarding the socio-demographics of employment status and age and the consumption pattern of how tickets were acquired and...Read more