Tiffany Greer
Joshua A. Price
and David J. Berri

Each year the National Basketball Association (NBA) drafts a small number of college players from a very large pool of potential college talents. This purpose of this study is to explore how NBA decision-makers decide which players are in the group of selected players. The reported results confirm—as prior studies have indicated—that points scored dominates the evaluation of playing talent. In addition, evidence also suggests that decision makers have trouble separating the player from the college team that employs the player. more

Daniel S. Mason
William M. Foster

This paper discusses the application of Moneyball management to the hockey industry. Following a review of Moneyball and sabermetrics in other sports, attempts to apply similar practices in hockey are reviewed. Moneyball in the National Hockey League is then examined, where adoption is limited by several factors: 1) the statistics available and their usefulness in evaluating player contributions to team performance; 2) the nature of the cooperation of players to produce outputs; and 3) the willingness of league insiders to embrace Moneyball. The statistical issue may be partially addressed...Read more