Kurt C. Mayer

In Division I college football, sustainability concerns exist from the growing financial divide between the Power Five and Group of Five conferences. Athletic departments can become more financially viable through generation of additional attendance revenue in the higher priced area of premium seating, but little research has been conducted on the topic. As the first premium seating study across all of Division I, results indicated the Power Five and Group of Five did not significantly differ on their available premium seating options with luxury suites, club seats, and loge boxes. Also,...Read more

Peter Titlebaum
Heather Lawrence
Chris Moberg
Christina Ramos

The rise in the number of new facilities built for professional sports franchises has significantly increased premium seating inventories in the United States. While the increased availability of premium seating represents an attractive revenue opportunity for teams and facilities, recent economic pressures and increased public scrutiny of corporate spending on sport-related entertainment and sponsorship has made the premium seating selling and retention environment more challenging. Because the current sports literature offers little insight into the motives of premium seating buyers or...Read more

Heather J. Lawrence
Ron T. Contorno
Brandon Steffek

The professional sport premium seating industry in the United States is in the midst of a reinvention that will require professional sport sales professionals to be more proactive in their approach to prospecting, selling, and servicing clients (Titlebaum & Lawrence, 2011). The intent of this study was to address one aspect of this reinvention and analyze the business characteristics of premium seating purchasers. A secondary purpose was to inform professional sport sales professionals about using data mining in premium seating sales. To execute the project, premium seating client...Read more