Thomas C. Boyd
Timothy C. Krehbiel
Richard T. Farmer

In light of the increased reliance on promotions to ...Read more

Donald P. Roy
Timothy R. Graeff

Expenditures on cause-related marketing (CRM) have grown dramatically in the past decade. Consumers tend to have favorable attitudes toward businesses that support charities or causes. In professional sports, CRM is being employed by many leagues and teams as a way  ...Read more

Tony Lachowetz
Mark McDonald
William A. Sutton
Daniel G. Hedrick

Description: Certain professional sport organizations fall short of educating their corporate clients with respect to all of the benefits and attributes of the sport products they offer (e.g., season tickets, sponsorship programs, and luxury suites). In response to this problem, Sutton, Lachowetz, and Clark (2000) developed a ninestep framework,Read more

Dominic H. Rivers
Timothy D. DeSchriver

 The purpose of this paper was to develop a demand model that determined if a relationship existed between the variation in team payroll and spectator attendance at Major League Baseball (MLB) games. A secondary purpose was to determine if the presence of star players was related to MLB attendance. Our findings suggest that if a star player does not contribute to an increase in the team’s on-field performance, the player has little influence on attendance. Additionally, the assumption that an increased team payroll will result in additional attendance is usually correct, yet incomplete....Read more