Mark Nagel

An interview with Bill Powell, Vice President of Event Marketing and Sales/Team Leader of Amsoil Arenacross, Feld Entertainment and Motorsports.Read more

Michael Cottingham
Brian Gearity
Kevin K. Byon

While research exists on the marketing of disability sport (Byon, Carroll, Cottingham, Grady, & Allen, 2011), researchers have not yet examined disability sport executives’ perspectives on marketing, promotion, and sponsorship. The purpose of this study was to examine three disability sport (i.e., International Wheelchair Rugby Federation, International Tennis Federation, and United States Tennis Association) executives’ perspectives of sport marketability and the acquisition of sponsors. Key findings include executives’ mixed-support for webcasting, television coverage, and the need...Read more

Eli C. Bortman

In the spring of 2007, Jordan’s, a Boston area furniture retailer, attracted the attention of New England fans, media, and sport marketers with an innovative promotion entitled “Jordan’s Monster Deal.” In television commercials, the energetic president of Jordan’s Furniture enthusiastically announced: “EVERY Sofa, EVERY Sectional, EVERY Dining Table, EVERY Bed, EVERY Mattress … can be YOURS FREE if the Red Sox win the World Championship in 2007.” As an official sponsor of the Boston Red Sox, Jordan’s held the rights to designate itself the “Official Furniture Store” of the Boston Red Sox....Read more

Ronald J. Dick
Brian A. Turner

NBA teams use a variety of marketing techniques to try to increase game attendance. However, few research studies have compared their effectiveness. More importantly, no study to date has compared the perceptions of NBA marketing directors and ticket holders with regard to currently used marketing techniques. Therefore, the primary purpose of this study was to determine whether the marketing techniques that NBA marketing directors viewed as valuable and useful were viewed in a similar fashion by attendees at NBA games. A questionnaire containing the 20 most used marketing techniques—based...Read more

Linda A. Sharp

The beauty of tort law is that it retains an inherent flexibility responsive to societal developments and new technologies. Whether we are dealing with a horsedrawn carriage run amuck or a modern-day marketing promotion using a t-shirt cannon, courts still address the essential and fundamental issues of duty, breach of duty, causation and damages. A recent New York case illustrates a court’s reliance on long-established precedent as it decided the case of the flying t-shirts.Read more

Artemisia Apostolopoulou
John Clark
James M. Gladden

Following Super Bowl XXXVIII, which was held in Houston in 2004, criticism and controversy arose concerning the selection of talent as well as the execution of the event’s halftime show. Given the increasing emphasis and investment on the entertainment aspect of sporting events, this study set out to explore Super Bowl viewers?perceptions on a number of ancillary entertainment elements of the event, as well as those elements?relative importance to viewers?enjoyment of the broadcast. A computer-based survey was developed and administered to two different groups: a purchased list of Super...Read more

Jacquelyn Cuneen
Raymond Schneider
Andrea Gliatta
Nicholas Butler

Joe Cobbs, the Director of Marketing for Miami University’s Athletics Department, walked into his office in Millett Hall every day during summer 2003 knowing that Miami would have one of the top quarterbacks in the country when the football season got underway in the fall. The quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, had shown remarkable poise during his 2002 sophomore season and appeared to be even stronger in 2003 spring practice. Miami, picked as a top contender for the 2003 Mid-American Conference (MAC) title, may even be ranked nationally in the upcoming season under Roethlisberger’s...Read more

Thomas C. Boyd
Timothy C. Krehbiel
Richard T. Farmer

In light of the increased reliance on promotions to ...Read more