Kevin G. Quinn

This paper examines the economic issues leading up to the 2011 NFL lockout and the resultant Collective Bargaining Agreement with the NFLPA. The history of labor relations between the league and the union is presented. The league’s antitrust situation that led up to the 1993 CBA is discussed in detail, along with the economic consequences of that agreement and its successors through 2006. The issues dividing the players and the league in the wake of the 2006 CBA are discussed. The key events during the 2011 lockout and the details of the 2011-2020 CBA are provided.Read more

John Robst
Jennifer VanGilder
David J. Berri
Coby Vance

Economists have offered a plethora of studies examining various aspects of professional team sports. Such studies, though, often neglect the playoffs. Given the impact the post-season has on league revenue, as well as the utility generated for both participants and observers of professional sports, such neglect misses much of the story people wish to tell about sports. In an era of free agency and salary caps, teams must determine the optimal strategy for maximizing their probability of success. Is the best offense a good defense, or does defense win championships? The purpose of this...Read more