Chen-Yueh Chen and Yi-Hsiu Lin

The effects of different corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives-child and family, community relations, health and wellness, and environment protection-were compared in this study based on spectators’ attitudes toward a sports franchise and event attendance intention. A total of 354 spectators were recruited from the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) in Taiwan. A quasi-experimental design was used as the research design, and a one-way multivariate analysis of covariance was conducted for data analysis. The results of this study indicate that spectators perceive the...Read more

Young Hoon Lee

This paper is intended to introduce a variety of stochastic frontier econometric models to applied economists working in the field of sports economics. First, it discusses the characteristics and assumptions of individual stochastic frontier models that should be used in empirical studies. For example, it distinguishes “preferred” from “not-preferred” models based on the size of the panel data sample or the research purposes. Second, it discusses the characteristics of the sports industry and differentiates it from manufacturing industry, which is necessary when using stochastic frontier...Read more

Brad R. Humphreys
Jane E. Ruseski

We examine the dimensions of the sports market in the United States.We investigate sports participation, sports viewing, and the supply and demand sides of the sports market. Our estimates of the value of economic activity in the sports market rang from $44 to $60 billion in 2005. The 49,169 firms in the industry employed just over one million workers. About 118 million people participated regularly in sports in 2005, and more than 277 million individuals attended spectator sporting events.Read more