Hyun-Min Kim
Woon-Kyung Song
Sanghak Lee

This study aims to examine the effects of sponsorship on the sponsor’s financial performance. Th is study investigates return on sponsorship (ROS) with a quantitative analysis. Nexen Tire’s title sponsorship agreement with the Heroes baseball club in the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) in 2010 is studied. The positive effect of sponsorship on the sponsor’s Tobin’s q is confirmed by comparing the non-sponsorship period (2000‒2009) with the sponsorship period (2010‒2018). It is also shown from an event study that the sponsor experiences negative abnormal stock returns on the news of the...Read more

Chen-Yueh Chen and Yi-Hsiu Lin

The effects of different corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives-child and family, community relations, health and wellness, and environment protection-were compared in this study based on spectators’ attitudes toward a sports franchise and event attendance intention. A total of 354 spectators were recruited from the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) in Taiwan. A quasi-experimental design was used as the research design, and a one-way multivariate analysis of covariance was conducted for data analysis. The results of this study indicate that spectators perceive the...Read more

Hojun Sung
Changi Nam
Minki Kim
and Seung Hun Han

Sport sponsorship has increased the value of sponsoring firms by becoming a key factor in the communication mix with customers and investors that can enhance corporate image and stimulate the sales of products and services (Javalgi, Traylor, Gross, & Lampman, 1994). Several studies show that sport sponsorship can lead to positive stock returns, which is consistent with modern corporate finance’s ultimate goal of maximizing firm value (Chen & Chen, 2012; Cornwell, Pruitt, & Clark, 2005; Miyazaki & Morgan, 2001; Pruitt, Cornwell, & Clark, 2004; Reiser, Breuer, &...Read more