Noah Hsu

Noah Hsu earned an MS in International Business from West Coast University, Los Angeles, California, USA, and a BS in Business Management from Tamsui Oxford College, Tamsui, Taiwan. Recently retired after 25 years at Aletheia University as an associate professor in sport management, he taught sport marketing management, sport tourism, statistics, marketing for tourism, human resource management, principles of management, principles of marketing, and recreational sport planning. During that time, he served several years as Chair of the Teachers’ Association.

Hsu’s professional service has included positions as Executive Director of the World Association of Sport Management (WASM); Chair of the Organizing Committee of Global Sport Management Summits; and Chair of International Affairs of the Taiwan Society of Sport Management (TASSM).

 Hsu’s primary research interests are sport marketing, sport tourism, and/or applied studies examining professional competency, training, and sport management education. He  has had numerous chapters published in Human Resource Management in Sports, Principles of Sport Marketing, Fitness Club Management, and Sport Management, and has served as a reviewer for Quarterly of Chinese Physical Activity, Journal of TASSM, National Sports Quarterly, Journal of Taiwan Society for Sport Management, and Quarterly of Taiwan Sport Management.

Prior to his time at Alethia University, Hsu spent 17 years in the practical business field, serving as sales representative, assistant manager, marketing manager, and managing director both in the United States and in Taiwan. Hsu is a founding member of both the Sport Tourism Association of the Republic of China and TASSM.