Fundamentals of Sport Business Marketing

Fifth Edition
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The sport business industry is vast and diverse. Today’s students are tomorrow’s professionals, and it is immensely important for these students to attain the contemporary knowledge necessary to operate successfully in an ever-growing industry. Like no other textbook in the field, Fundamentals of Sport Business Marketing 5th Edition covers the practical and theoretical framework necessary for students to understand, and professionals to market any sport-related business in a global economy. Updates to this new edition begin with a title that acknowledges the trillion dollar contribution of the sport business to the global economy. As the most comprehensive sport business marketing textbook to date, this 5th edition encompasses the diversity of spectators and participants, sports and sport businesses that span the industry, well beyond the scope of professional and college sports to include sport marketing research, sporting goods retail and manufacturing, sports broadcast, internet sport business, sport tourism, and parasports (sports and sport businesses for people with disabilities)—in short, the full spectrum of companies in which students of sports programs around the world will seek careers. 

      An award-winning teacher and researcher, author of over 250 academic papers published in numerous journals, and the author or editor of 26 books on the subject of sport business marketing, Dr. Brenda Pitts offers in this textbook a wealth of knowledge that is rarely compiled in a single place. Dr. Pitts has taught thousands of students, worked with dozens of professionals in the industry, and brings diverse experience and wisdom to the field and this textbook.

      The 5th edition updates and details the sound foundational sport business marketing knowledge that can be applied in any type of sport business setting. This textbook builds the students’ understanding of the theoretical framework of business practices for sport business marketing operations, and serves as an excellent on the job handbook, guide, and reference for professionals in the field.