Governance of Sport: Aspects and Insights

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Governance of Sport: Aspects and Insights provides analysis and applications relative to the governance, policies, and practices important to both profit and nonprofit sport organizations around the world. Governance of Sport explores the influence of diverse cultural contexts on sport governance practices, and provides national and international perspectives on issues relevant to transparent, ethical governance of sport. This textbook is essential reading for upper division undergraduate and graduate students around the world in sport policy, development, and management.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 ∙ Governance of Sport Landscape
Chapter 2 ∙ Guiding Theories, Models, Codes, and Governance of Sport
Chapter 3 ∙ Politics and Governance of Sport
Chapter 4 ∙ Strategic Management in the Governance of Sport
Chapter 5 ∙ The Quest for Effective Governance of Sport Boards
Chapter 6 ∙ Oversight and Assessment in Governance of Sport
Chapter 7 ∙ Enablers and Inhibitors in Good Governance of Sport
Chapter 8 ∙ Ethics and Governance of Sport
Chapter 9 ∙ Governance of Sport and Policy Making
Chapter 10 ∙ 21st-Century Challenges for Governance of Sport