Strategies for Being Mindful: Workbook for Practitioners, Students, and Athletes

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Written exclusively as a companion set for graduate and undergraduate students, Strategies for Being Mindful workbook, together with Being Mindful in Sport and Exercise Psychology (2017) presents and analyzes foundational mindfulness skills in real case studies and provides hands-on exercises that put these mindfulness concepts and techniques into practice.  

The text teaches readers to view experiences objectively, and allow for the development of an open, nonjudging, and curious attitude, which has been shown to improve performance in sport and in daily life. Ultimately, strategies in this companion set aim to help the reader cultivate a more compassionate outlook, reduce anxiety, and increase tolerance for and acceptance of emotions, and beliefs that may hamper performance in sport and in life.

The companion workbook provides specific and effective techniques to help students better understand and accept uncomfortable emotions and beliefs, and to handle a range of issues athletes may experience in their careers. Students can work at their own pace to identify the values that align with their personal lives and goals to develop routines that can lead to lasting results for themselves, and—ultimately as practitioners—for their athletes, team, and clients.