Sport Marketing

Kim Cameon

Professional experience includes non-profit fundraising and event planning as well as marketing, public relations and communications experience within private industry. Currently, Cameon serves as program coordinator with WVU College of Physical Activity & Sport Sciences, and oversees alumni relations program initiatives and public relations-related strategic goals and objectives. Daily responsibilities include alumni relations, development, publications, presentations, event planning and serving as media liaison. She has extensive familiarity in higher education.

Developing Successful Sport Marketing Plans

With an abundance of goods and services available to consumers in the sport industry, it can be difficult for products or organizations to stand out from the competition. In the revised fourth edition of Developing Successful Sport Marketing Plans, internationally recognized author David K. Stotlar guides readers in a step-by-step approach of how to create and implement a winning marketing strategy.

Brenda G. Pitts

Brenda G. Pitts is an internationally renowned name in sport business management, particularly in sport marketing and in sport management program development. She is currently professor of sport management, director of the Dr. R. Cooter Sport Business Research Center, and program director at Georgia State University in Atlanta. Dr. Pitts has also served as a consultant in sport marketing for various sport businesses, including the Georgia Dome in Atlanta (with clients such as the Professional Bull Riders, Inc., SuperCross, and the Atlanta Falcons), Tallahassee Soccer Association, and the NCAA.

David K. Stotlar

Dr. David K. Stotlar teaches on the University of Northern Colorado faculty in the areas of sport marketing, sponsorship, and event management. He has had more than 60 articles published in professional journals and has written several textbooks and book chapters on sport management and marketing.

Brenda G. Pitts

Brenda G. Pitts, Professor at Georgia State University, is well known nationally and globally in sport marketing and sport business management. She is among the first research fellows of both the North American Society for Sport Management and the Sport Marketing Association, and is the honored recipient of the 2016 Diversity Award, the prestigious Dr. Earle F. Zeigler Scholar Award, Distinguished Sport Management Educator, and the Dr. Garth Paton Distinguished Service Award.