Brianna Newland

Brianna (Bri) Newland is an assistant dean for the Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies and Professor in the Tisch Institute for Global Sport at New York University. Newland's research interest explores active sport event tourism, with a specific focus on leveraging opportunities for the event and destination. She also conducts research in the area of sport development, examining the effects of sport delivery on sport participation across the lifespan. Newland has published her research in Sport Management ReviewJournal of Sport ManagementSport Marketing QuarterlyJournal of Sport & TourismJournal of Vacation Marketing, and Event Management among others. She has worked in conjunction with industry partners such as FOX Sports, Vacation Races, Monumental Marathon, Triathlon Australia, USA Triathlon, among others. Her research and consultancy work has offered marketing, management, and leveraging solutions to sport events and organizations, NGBs, and other government agencies, helping improve and enhance business outcomes.