John Richardson
Randle D. Raggio

The Robins Center at the University of Richmond, home of Richmond’s men’s and women’s basketball teams, had hosted a Presidential debate in 1992, but at 38 years old it was time for a major renovation. In mid-March 2011, based on the success of the men’s basketball program over the past two seasons, a generous donor had agreed to contribute the total amount needed to renovate the Robins Center.Read more

Khalid Ballouli
Gregg Bennett

On the red-eye flight from Ann Arbor to Houston, Noelle found she was the only passenger not sleeping soundly. The electric buzz from the previous day’s studio recording was still rippling through her body. Noelle had spent weeks in Ann Arbor consulting with the University of Michigan regarding a music strategy to help market Wolverine athletics. Last night, she witnessed the culmination of her project, as Michigan rock band Pop Evil recorded a final version of their song titled “Big House,” a tribute to the famed Michigan Stadium. In the studio, Noelle and her colleagues glossed over...Read more

Artemis Apostolopoulou

In September 2001, under the leadership of Editor Brian Crow (Slippery Rock University) and Associate Editor Cheri Bradish (Brock University), Sport Marketing Quarterly published its first case study. In its inception, the case study section was intended to publish “manuscripts … with very little empirical data, but with meaningful and timely information” and to share “cutting-edge marketing with a theoretical base that is significant and applicable to many segments of the sport industry” (Crow, 2001, inside front cover). Consistent with the mission of the journal, the audience for this...Read more

Ted Peetz

Nicholas was finally getting settled at his new job as assistant director of marketing at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). He believed his degree and internship experience with his alma mater’s athletic department had prepared him well for his new position. During his interview he discovered that part of his job responsibilities would include working on a task force charged with developing marketing strategies to increase student attendance at the university’s men’s basketball games. The athletic department had recently noticed a pattern occurring with student attendance at home...Read more

Jason W. Lee
Matt Bernthal
Warren A. Whisenant
Susan Mullane

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is a powerful force in the world of sport. Each year, fans flock to race tracks across the country to witness the thunderous sounds and incredible sight of cars racing at speeds often in excess of 180 miles per hour. It is a sport that has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in 1947. While NASCAR was born in the Southeastern United States and has a uniquely Southern history, it now has tracks all across the country. However, it is a sport that for a number of reasons retains a stereotype as a “redneck,” “good ol’ boy...Read more

Kiki Kaplanidou
Kostas Karadakis

The Olympic Games is the world’s largest and most complex sporting event to host and manage. Such an endeavor is linked with significant public expenditure, the building of facilities and infrastructure, urban rejuvenation, and revival objectives, which can have favorable or unfavorable lasting consequences for public stakeholders (Horne, 2007). Public stakeholders (e.g., residents, local business owners, and tourists) are some of the numerous stakeholders involved with the Olympic Games. Other stakeholders include the federal, state, or provincial governments, sport and tourism...Read more

Keith W. Lambrecht
Frederick Kaefer
Samuel D. Ramenofsky

Sportscape refers to service extensions and the physical surroundings of a sports event. This is a case study that focuses on sportscape factors and how they influence the overall satisfaction of spectators attending a PGA TOUR event. Golf is different from other sports in that it has a flexible venue and is experienced differently by spectators and, therefore, careful analysis must be given to sportscape factors. A survey was developed and implemented at a PGA TOUR event to identify the influence of eight specific sportscape factors on the level of satisfaction of spectators. Based on...Read more

Patrick Kraft
Jason Lee

We’re not taking this lying down…It’s a war,” warns Ken Barker, director of apparel at Adidas America (Salter, 2005, p. 70). Baker’s statement is in reference to the rapid success in the apparel market by a young and up-and-coming Under Armour brand. The Under Armour brand dominates the performance apparel category so much (with around 75% market share) that the name has become synonymous with the product (Salter, 2005). The consistent growth of total revenue from $115.4 million in 2003 to $607.7 million in 2007 indicates the rapid success that Under Armour has experienced (Think Equity...Read more

John S. Clark
Artemisia Apostolopoulou
Scott Branvold
David Synowka

Dr. Susan Hofacre, Director of Athletics at Robert Morris University (RMU), walked out of Massey Hall toward her car after her weekly Friday meeting with the University President. Susan was feeling both excited and troubled due to this most recent conversation concerning the RMU athletic program’s role in the greater mission of the University. The prospect of using the athletic program to launch a comprehensive branding campaign for the University is one that Susan had wanted to pursue for many years, as she believed strongly that it would be an effective and efficient method for bringing...Read more

Jason W. Lee
Kimberly S. Miloch
Patrick Kraft
Lance Tatum

The public perception of a university’s athletic programs is often considered a primary factor in building the brand image of the respective institution. Maintaining a favorable brand image can have a significant impact when recruiting potential student athletes, when soliciting corporate partners, and when facilitating development opportunities with alumni and key stakeholders. Colleges and universities are becoming increasingly more entrepreneurial in nature as schools seek various strategies to generate additional revenues and exposure. For smaller universities not affiliated with a...Read more