Erfan Moradi

This article had two primary goals. The first goal was to update the previous study regarding the content analysis of Sport Marketing Quarterly (SMQ) by Peetz and Reams (2011). The second aim was to compare the prior review results by adding an in-depth analysis focusing on unique aspects by integrating three methods. Two hundred and seven articles published between 2012 and 2022 in SMQ were analyzed using bibliometric and content analysis and the paradigm funnel. The conceptual structure map of keywords is expressive of four clusters, while the co-citation analysis points to three. Media...Read more

Dylan Williams
Patrick Tutka
and Chad Seifried

General marketing scholars have advocated for historical research since the 1980s, leading to a substantial increase in history-based marketing articles. With general marketing embracing historical research, the present content analysis assesses leading sport marketing journals, their article methodologies, and the presence of any studies that utilize the historical method and/or incorporate historical or archival data for analysis. Comparatively, the present study shows sport marketing scholars primarily analyze the field through pure monomethod (i.e., quantitative or qualitative)...Read more

Ted Peetz
Lamar Reams

Sport marketing research has continued to evolve since the first issue of Sport Marketing Quarterly (SMQ) was published in 1992. While examining the content of academic publications in the field of sport marketing has occurred, an analysis of SMQ’s first 20 years of publication has not been conducted until now. In order to gain an understanding of sport marketing’s body of knowledge it is important to conduct analyses of the research the field produces (Pitts, 2002). The purpose of this study was to conduct a content analysis of SMQ from its inception in September 1992 (Volume 1, Issue 1)...Read more