An Updated Overview of Research Published in Sport Marketing Quarterly (2012 to 2022): A Tri-Method Approach

Erfan Moradi

This article had two primary goals. The first goal was to update the previous study regarding the content analysis of Sport Marketing Quarterly (SMQ) by Peetz and Reams (2011). The second aim was to compare the prior review results by adding an in-depth analysis focusing on unique aspects by integrating three methods. Two hundred and seven articles published between 2012 and 2022 in SMQ were analyzed using bibliometric and content analysis and the paradigm funnel. The conceptual structure map of keywords is expressive of four clusters, while the co-citation analysis points to three. Media consumption, motives, social media, fan engagement, ticket sales, and brand management are some niche and emerging topics that may be discussed and noticed. In addition, satisfaction and corporate social responsibility are trending topics in SMQ. Last, this study offers a snapshot of the gaps, which outlines future directions for sport marketing studies in SMQ.