David A. Tobar

This study examined personal characteristics (e.g., sport fandom, age, gender) and affective outcomes (e.g., mood, enjoyment) of Super Bowl XL television spectators. Purchase intentions of products marketed during the Super Bowl were also examined. The sample included college students (59 men; 22 women) and their parents (51 fathers; 60 mothers). Participants completed measures of sport fandom and mood before the Super Bowl, and measures of mood, enjoyment, and purchase intentions following the Super Bowl. Men and students reported higher sport fandom. Students reported more mood...Read more

Kimberly S. Miloch
Keith W. Lambrecht

As the nature and motivations of sponsors have evolved, sponsorship of grassroots and niche sport events has grown. The purpose of this research was to assess consumer awareness of sponsorship at a grassroots and niche sport event through an examination of recall and recognition rates and purchase intentions. Data were gathered using traditional methods of consumer awareness assessment. Recall and recognition rates in this study were comparable but somewhat lower than those noted in studies of Olympic sport or mega-sport events. Recall and recognition rates appeared to be influenced by...Read more