Affect and Purchase Intentions of Super Bowl XL Spectators: Examining the Influence of Sport Fandom, Age, and Gender

David A. Tobar

This study examined personal characteristics (e.g., sport fandom, age, gender) and affective outcomes (e.g., mood, enjoyment) of Super Bowl XL television spectators. Purchase intentions of products marketed during the Super Bowl were also examined. The sample included college students (59 men; 22 women) and their parents (51 fathers; 60 mothers). Participants completed measures of sport fandom and mood before the Super Bowl, and measures of mood, enjoyment, and purchase intentions following the Super Bowl. Men and students reported higher sport fandom. Students reported more mood disturbance, but only gender moderated select mood states pre- to post-Super Bowl. Higher sport fandom, women, and parents reported more enjoyment for various factors. Higher sport fandom and increased enjoyment of advertisements and other aspects of the Super Bowl were related to higher scores for purchase intentions. Sport marketers should consider personal characteristics and affect of spectators when developing marketing strategies.