14th European Sport Economics Association (ESEA) Conference

University College Cork
Cork, Ireland
August 23–25, 2023

Founded in 2010, European Sport Economics Association (ESEA) is a scientific association that pursues the goal of promoting communications between scientists and practitioners working in the field of sports economics. The ESEA Conference is the annual gathering of the European Sport Economics Association.

Keynote speakers for the 14th ESEA Conference:
Dr. Jane Ruseski
John Chambers College of Business and Economics
West Virginia University (WVU)

Dr. Alex Bryson
Social Research Institute
University College London (UCL)

Conference Information
The Centre for Sports Economics and Law (CSEL) of University College Cork (UCC) is the host research center for the 14th ESEA conference, which will take place from August 23–25, 2023 on the main UCC campus. (Please note that presentation submissions closed March 31, 2023.) Prior to the event, a PhD student workshop will take place from August 21–23. The ESEA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will convene on August 24, followed by the Conference Gala Dinner. The event is supported by Ireland’s National Tourism Development Authority—Fáilte Ireland and Meet in Ireland. The southwest coast of Ireland is home to University College Cork. Ranked in the top 1.1% of universities in the world, UCC has a population of over 23,000 students.

ESEA Board Elections
The European Sport Economics Association Board will convene on August 24 for its Annual General Meeting at the 14th Annual ESEA Conference. During the AGM, board elections will be held to fill the following vacant positions: President-Elect, General Secretary, Youth Development Officer, and PhD Student Representative. The ESEA Board encourages ESEA members to consider serving on the board and/or nominate interested colleagues for these positions during the meeting, being mindful of the level of national and gender diversity of the board.

To learn more about the ESEA Conference and register to attend, visit https://www.cubsucc.com/esea-home.

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