Sport and Cultural Studies

Richard Pringle is an associate professor of socio-cultural studies of sport at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Dr. Murray Phillips teaches the history of sport in the School of Human Movement Studies at the University of Queensland in Australia.


Examining Sport Histories: Power, Paradigms, and Reflexivity explores the ways in which postmodernist and poststructural approaches can enrich the study of the sporting past. Throughout the chapters, the internationally respected authors draw from their own vast experiences within the...


Sport is more than competition and the opportunity to become physically fit. Sport and physical activity offer opportunities for people and communities to forge improved relations. Case Studies in Sport Development: Contemporary Stories Promoting Health, Peace, and Social Justice...


100 Trailblazers shines an admiring spotlight on the accomplishments of women in sport whose life stories are important but not necessarily well known. Research and personal interviews reveal the groundbreaking work of effective administrators, dedicated coaches, determined reformers, and...


Through an effective combination of historical research and personal interviews, 100 Pioneers offers compelling portraits of the dedicated athletes who broke color barriers on college campuses and in professional sports all around the country. These engaging accounts detail the...


150 Heroes: People in Sport Who Make This a Better World

Richard Lapchick is often described as “the racial conscience of sport.” He is the DeVos Eminent Scholar Chair and Director of the Sport Business Management Graduate Program in the College of Business Administration at the University of Central Florida.

Daryl Adair is Associate Professor of Sport Management at University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

Stephanie Hanrahan, PhD, is associate professor and convenor of the sport and exercise psychology program at The University of Queensland.