Sport and Cultural Studies

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Intercollegiate sport has historically been a source of frustration for and discrimination against African American athletes, coaches, and athletic administrators, and yet is a place of courage and achievement for those who have been given the opportunity to play, coach, and administer college...


“In an era of such divisiveness, it behooves all of us to consider means by which we can bring people together.”
–Mr. Richard Armitage, Former Deputy Secretary of State for the United States of America 

The growing influence of sport has created a unique opportunity to build...


This provocative collection brings together some of the leading historians, sociologists, political scientists, and cultural theorists on an ambitious range of topics dealing with sport, diversity and difference. The book is both diverse and inclusive, for it considered race, ethnicity and aboriginality in tandem; too often these themes are segmented into separate studies. The collection features vibrant examples from different eras, places and spaces - wherein co-themes like post-colonialism, gender and media representation are embedded.


Sport for Development, Peace, and Social Justice goes beyond the individual benefits of sport to look more closely at what sport can offer to groups of people and the communities in which they live. Although the domain of sport development is mostly uncharted, editors Robert Schinke and Stephanie Hanrahan integrate sport development projects from different disciplines to challenge readers to broaden the scope of what they think can be achieved through sport.

Richard Pringle is an associate professor of socio-cultural studies of sport at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Dr. Murray Phillips teaches the history of sport in the School of Human Movement Studies at the University of Queensland in Australia.


Sport is more than competition and the opportunity to become physically fit. Sport and physical activity offer opportunities for people and communities to forge improved relations. Case Studies in Sport Development: Contemporary Stories Promoting Health, Peace, and Social Justice...

Richard Lapchick is often described as “the racial conscience of sport.” He is the DeVos Eminent Scholar Chair and Director of the Sport Business Management Graduate Program in the College of Business Administration at the University of Central Florida.

Daryl Adair is Associate Professor of Sport Management at University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

Stephanie Hanrahan, PhD, is associate professor and convenor of the sport and exercise psychology program at The University of Queensland.