Sport and Exercise Psychology

Artur Poczwardowski, PhD, is an associate professor at the University of Denver. Artur received his PhD in exercise and sport science with specialization in psychosocial aspects of sport from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City in 1997, a master’s in psychology from Gdañsk University, Poland in 1991, and a master’s in coaching and physical education from the University of Physical Education in Gdañsk, Poland in 1989. Since 1991, Artur has consulted with athletes and teams from numerous sports (e.g., tennis, golf, hockey, judo, squash, team handball, soccer, track and field, diving, rowing, speed skating). He is a certified consultant, AASP (Association of Applied Sport Psychology) and is listed in the USOC Sport Psychology Registry.

Dr. Mark Aoyagi, PhD, CC-AASP, is the director of sport & performance psychology and associate professor in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver.

Jack C. Watson II, PhD, is a professor and chair of the Department of Sport Sciences at West Virginia University.

Andrew C. Ostrow completed the Ph.D. degree at the University of California, Berkeley. Currently, he is Professor and Program Coordinator for the Sport Behavior Program, School of Physical Education, at West Virginia University.

Gershon Tenenbaum, PhD, is a professor of sport and exercise psychology at Florida State University, USA. Dr. Tenenbaum is the Benjamin S. Bloom Professor of educational psychology and a graduate of Tel-Aviv University and the University of Chicago. He is a former director of the Ribstein Center for Research and Sport Medicine at the Wingate Institute in Israel and coordinator of the graduate program in sport psychology at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia.

Tatiana V. Ryba is an associate professor at Aarhus University (Denmark).

Dr. Ed Etzel serves as a professor in the Department of Sport Sciences within the WVU College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences.

Ronnie Lidor is a professor and the Director of the Zinman College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the Wingate Institute, and he is also on the faculty of education at the University of Haifa (Israel).

Robert J. Schinke, is the Canada Research Chair in Multicultural Sport and Physical Activity and Professor of Sport Psychology in the School of Human Kinetics at Laurentian University.

Paul Wylleman, Ph.D., is an associate professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium. He teaches psychology of sport, exercise, and leisure in the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy and in the Faculty of Psychology and Education at the graduate level.