Sport and Exercise Psychology

Bart Lerner, PhD, is currently the academic dean at West Coast University. He received his doctoral degree in sport behavior and his master’s degree in counseling from West Virginia University, and a second master's degree in kinesiology at the University of Maryland.

John M. Silva, Ph.D. is a professor of sport psychology in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Michael Bar-Eli is an associate professor in the Department of Business Administration in the School of Management at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,

Whitney Sedgwick, PhD, R. Psych., is a psychologist at the University of British Columbia’s Counselling Services. Prior to this, she completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the School of Human Kinetics at UBC where she conducted research (primarily on body image) and taught courses in sport psychology. Her research interests include the development of expertise, in both athletes and the practitioners who work with them. Whitney has a master’s degree in sport psychology and a doctorate in clinical psychology. She has taught sport science and psychology courses at universities throughout North America. Whitney has also worked as a sport psychology consultant for nine years, including a year at I.N.S.E.P., the French National Sport Institute, in Paris, France. Whitney was a candidate for the Canadian National Rowing team as a coxswain. With a competitive running background, she looks forward to more triathlon racing in the future.

Joe Baker, PhD, is an assistant professor in the School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences at York University, Toronto, Canada. His PhD research examined physiological and psychological components of expertise in Ironman triathletes. Joe has been a triathlete and ultra-runner for more than 15 years, racing triathlon distances from sprint to Ironman. He has published articles on the requirements of successful performance in journals such as the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, Applied Cognitive Psychology, and has presented his research at academic conferences around the world. In 2000, Joe was a winner of the Franklin Henry Young Scientist Award by the Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology.

Carrie Silver-Bernstein is the head tennis coach at the University of Hartford, an NCAA Division I institution. She has been coaching at the college and high school levels for 8 years, acquiring an 86-25 win-loss record. A licensed physical therapist and certified athletic trainer, Ms. Silver-Bernstein is a cochair of the National Strength and Conditioning Association Special Interest Group for Tennis. She is also president of Team Conditioning Concepts, a company that provides comprehensive fitness, health, and psychological skills training for competitive tennis players and other athletes. Ms. Silver-Bernstein is a skilled athlete in her own right. Since 1997 she was ranked #1 in Open Division Doubles in New England (with coauthor Van Raalte), and she played on the East region soccer team that won the Nutmeg Games.

Judy L. Van Raalte, Ph.D., is an associate professor of psychology at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts; a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee Registry of sport psychologists; and a certified sport psychology consultant. She is also a member of the Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology. She has provided sport psychology services to NCAA Division I, II, and III tennis teams as well as to a number of competitive junior tennis players. Dr. Van Raalte is an avid tennis player. Currently, she is ranked #5 in New England in the Open division. Her strokes aren't always pretty, but she is mentally tough! In her years as a college coach she acquired a 51-12 win-loss record, for a .81 winning percentage.

Peter Vidmar is a former competitive gymnast. In 1984, he led the U.S. Men's Gymnastics Team to its first-ever Olympic Gold Medal. He also captured the gold on pommel horse, scoring a perfect 10, and won the silver in the All-Around competition. In addition, he has numerous NCAA and international titles. Today, he translates his skills as a leader and motivator into inspirational presentations for Fortune 500 companies. He also serves on the Executive Committee of USA Gymnastics.

Karen D. Cogan was a competitive gymnast for 10 years. Her gymnastics career prematurely ended in college after two serious injuries. She then focused her energies on her academic performance and received the UCLA Outstanding Senior Award. She has a master's degree in kinesiology and a Ph.D. in psychology. Currently, she works as a sport psychologist and consults with athletes both at the University of North Texas Center for Sport Psychology and in her private practice. She is a licensed psychologist, a certified sport psychology consultant (CC, AAASP), a member of the USA Gymnastics Health Care Providers network, and a member of the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry.

Jeri Edwards is the first female head coach of Team USA. Her recent appointment follows a highly successful tenure as Team USA coach and head coach of Junior Team USA. She initially gained acclaim as a competitor, enjoying an illustrious collegiate career and winning on the pro tour. Seen regularly in one of the largest bowling magazines in the world, she also appears with Fred Borden in several series of educational videos and has previously coauthored a book with him.