Todd C. Koesters
Khalid Ballouli
Matthew J. Bernthal
and Sandy Hansell

Elliott had spent the previous few weeks in the southeastern United States consulting with different universities on behalf of Red Bull concerning a national promotion titled “the Red Bulletin,” a brand campaign designed to increase brand awareness and brand equity of Red Bull among university students. This particular campaign involved the usage of samples, branded leaflets, magazine distribution, and an interactive campus tour, all signifing Red Bull’s brand identity to university students. Utilizing research he had received from the GenNext Panel, a branded research and student insight...Read more

Brody J. Ruihley
T. Christopher Greenwell

The aim of this paper is to identify service quality attributes of the sport participation experience that may be most influential to sport participants’ satisfaction (satisfiers) and dissatisfaction (dissatisfiers). Further, this study examined how these attributes may be different relative to the activity versus the service provider. Complaints and compliments relative to both the activity and the service provider were solicited and analyzed in order to gain a more thorough knowledge of the recreational customer’s service experience. A total of 1,010 complaints and compliments were...Read more