Understanding the League Sport Participation Experience Utilizing the Critical Incident Technique, pp. 32-42

Brody J. Ruihley
T. Christopher Greenwell

The aim of this paper is to identify service quality attributes of the sport participation experience that may be most influential to sport participants’ satisfaction (satisfiers) and dissatisfaction (dissatisfiers). Further, this study examined how these attributes may be different relative to the activity versus the service provider. Complaints and compliments relative to both the activity and the service provider were solicited and analyzed in order to gain a more thorough knowledge of the recreational customer’s service experience. A total of 1,010 complaints and compliments were collected from a sample of 396 league bowling participants through the use of an open-ended questionnaire. Compliments were often related to interpersonal or social factors, while complaints were most often related to structural or organizational issues. Convenience was cited much more often in relationship to the service provider than to the activity.