Experiential Learning in Sport Management: Internships and Beyond

Third Edition

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Expected Release: Fall/Winter 2024

Experiential learning is the cornerstone for success for careers in sport management. Experiential Learning in Sport Management: Internships and Beyond, 3rd edition, guides students through specific segments of sport such as professional, college, recreation, and much more. The text assists students in developing a career plan and strategies for learning solid soft skills, as well as interviewing and resume writing strategies. Participating in experiential learning via a class, volunteering, planned apprenticeships, internships, graduate assistantships, and summer jobs helps students qualify for a strong career in sport.

Experiential Learning in Sport Management: Internships and Beyond, 3rd edition, builds upon the framework designed in the first two editions but includes additional content such as AI, eSport, international sport, and cooperative education. Introductory comments and fresh Time-Out Interviews from industry experts, many of whom have degrees in sport management/business, provide students with first-hand knowledge on possible paths into their field of choice. The book can be used as the main text for an introduction to sport management class and can be used throughout the academic career as a guiding text in any experiential learning class, and senior seminars that prepare students for a culminating internship. Graduate students without an undergraduate degree can benefit from this text as can doctoral students preparing for a teaching career in sport management