Reimagining Youth Sport: Guide for Administrators, Coaches, and Parents

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Expected Release: Fall/Winter 2024

Youth sport programs are experiencing numerous challenges in delivering impactful on-the-field/court experiences while navigating the pressures from negative parents, the influence of social media, the significant increase in mental and emotional health concerns and the continual need to win at all costs. The current state of youth sports requires an honest review to decipher tangible methods to enhance the youth sports experience, ensure its positive growth, and create benefits to young participants.

While other textbooks focus on coaching, coaching specific sports, or the psychology of athletes, Reimagining Youth Sport: Guide for Administrators, Coaches, and Parents takes a different approach—tackling the core issues plaguing and sadly ruining the ideals of the sporting experience for young athletes across competitive levels of play for all ages, abilities, and sport types.

Reimagining Youth Sport provides students studying in sport management, coaching, and/or athletic administration with content, tools, and application-based knowledge to become change agents within the youth sport realm. Additionally, this timely text supplies athletic/sport administrators, coaches, and parents with an honest assessment of the state of youth sports coupled with tools/strategies and easy to implement on and off-the-field/court activities to create transformational programs to reimagine youth sport in order to fully deliver on the ideals of the youth sport experience.