Effective Coaching for All Athletes within Youth Recreational Sports

This book is written for youth sport coaches, the individuals who volunteer their time to teach young athletes the fundamentals of a given sport, as well as the skills needed to work as a team. In writing this book, we recognize that children who enroll in recreational sports have a variety of experiences and skills, and thus this book seeks to provide coaches with a foundational structure and methods to provide effective instruction for all athletes.

Fundraising for Sport and Athletics

Most athletic organizations (youth, junior, high school, Olympic, and a large number of college programs) have insufficient finances to meet operational need, and personnel must learn to proactively address resource deficiencies. Fundraising for Sport and Athletics, 2nd edition expands upon the foundation of fundraising information and strategies offered in the first edition. This textbook includes the most recent fundraising models and focuses on more practical and comprehensive applications of fundraising administration.

Sport Facility Management: Organizing Events and Mitigating Risks

The new edition of FiT’s popular Sport Management Library title is an ideal text for students in sport facility and event management courses as well as an invaluable reference for managers and industry professionals. The updates to the third edition include an expanded discussion of naming rights and privatization and a comprehensive event manual. The third edition also features a new chapter entitled Booking and Scheduling.

Summer Sports Camps 101: A Guidebook for Development and Operation

Summer Sports Camps 101 is a comprehensive guide for creating and operating a summer sports camp. New or seasoned coaches, sports industry practitioners, and camp administrators in youth and college-level sports will benefit from author Richard Leonard’s extensive experience in planning and managing successful sports camps. This guidebook streamlines the process of conceptualizing, developing, operating, and concluding the summer sports camp season for camp administrators and coaches.

Foundations of Sport Management

Designed with future leaders of the sport industry in mind, this edition features content from a comprehensive collection of 25 leading sport management scholars covering the fundamental theories and principles of the discipline in a practical and user-friendly format.  Fifteen chapters thoroughly examine strategies for sport leadership, finance, marketing, sponsorship and sales, law, governance, ethics and globalization. This edition also offers standalone chapters on sport facility and event management--vital topics in today's introductory sport management courses.

Embodied Masculinities in Global Sport

This book acknowledges the central role of bodies in the social construction of gender and, in this case, ideas about masculinity. Editors Jorge Knijnik and Daryl Adair, along with a group of international researchers, articulate how various types of masculinities can be played out in different sports by drawing from personal experiences of athletes, investigating the cultural--and even global--impact of male achievements in sport, and comparing men's experiences in sport to women's.

Foundations of Exercise Psychology

The new edition of Foundations of Exercise Psychology promises to be the most comprehensive textbook of its kind. Robert C. Eklund has joined the writing team of Bonnie G. Berger and Robert S. Weinberg for this edition. The authors expand upon the key concepts and models of the field, focusing on the interrelationships of exercise and psychology. The new edition includes an important new chapter on exercise and cognitive function.

Global Sport Marketing: Sponsorship, Ambush Marketing, and the Olympic Games

This book examines important issues inherent in the globalized sport marketing industry, including thorough evaluations of sponsorship and ambush marketing. Co-author Richard W. Pound’s experience as the former vice president of the International Olympic Committee adds incredible insight to the chapters on and examples from the Olympic Games.

The expertise of the entire team of authors makes this the most comprehensive text on sport marketing from a global perspective.