Building a Strong New Media Brand: The Case of

Gregg Bennett

The purpose of this case study was to assess the behaviors and contributing factors that have allowed (TexAgs) to develop a strong new media brand. An underlying premise of this inquiry is that this particular firm has established a strong brand with its targeted market. This exploratory case study focused on understanding the strength of the TexAgs brand holistically rather than dissecting the phenomenon into decontextualized segments (Creswell, 2012; Yin, 2014). Four themes emerged from data describing firm behaviors that have strengthened the TexAgs brand: a) TexAgs is a trustworthy source of information, b) ownership is committed to providing an excellent product, c) the depth, volume, and quality of content and information is superior to competitors, and d) reinvestment of resources has caused firm growth and platform diversity. Likewise, four themes emerged from these data describing phenomena and practices of the brand that have aided balancing the relationship with the university and athletics department: a) the corporate brand is hindered, b) symbiotic relationship utility, c) relationship management balancing act, and d) partners or one in the same? Managerial implications, limitations, and future research are discussed.