IJSF Editorial Board



Arne Feddersen, Editor

University of Southern Denmark

Dr. Arne Feddersen is a full professor (MSO) in the Department of Environmental and Business Economics at the University of Southern Denmark (Campus Esbjerg). He was educated at University of Dortmund and holds a doctorate from University of Hamburg. Arne’s main research interests include sports economics, applied regional economics, and media economics. Within the field of sport economics and finance his research focusses on regional economic effects of sporting events and facilities, behavior on sports betting markets, and consumer demand with respect to both stadium attendance and TV ratings. Arne gave presentations at international conferences on a regular basis and published several papers in peer-reviewed academic journals including Labour Economics, Contemporary Economic Policy, Journal of Sports Economics, and International Journal of Sport Finance.

Furthermore, Feddersen was part of a team consulting the Olympic Bid of Leipzig for the 2012 Olympic Games with respect to the theme “Finance.” Additionally, he is a member of the North American Association of Sports Economists (NAASE) and the European Sport Economics Association (ESEA), where he also serves a member of the board. Arne served as editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Sport Finance since January 2015.

Associate Editors

Babatunde Buraimo, Associate Editor

University of Liverpool
United Kingdom

Dr. Babatunde Buraimo is a senior lecturer in sports management. He was educated at the University of Sheffield and Lancaster University, where he holds a doctoral degree in economics. Dr. Buraimo specialises in sports management and economics and has published extensively on the economics of sports broadcasting, demand for sports, and economics of sports participation. In addition, Dr. Buraimo takes a keen research interest in the economics of football. On matters specific to football, his publications include research on the economics of corruption, competitive balance in professional team sports, television audience and stadium demand, and football statistics.

Currently, Dr. Buraimo is conducting research in the areas of sports migration, the financial history of English football, uncertainty of outcome in sports, and sports betting.

Away from sports, he research includes labour economics, organisational performance and workplace flexibility, and spatial economics analysis. As well as publishing in peer reviewed academic journals, Dr. Buraimo also engages in applied research and consultancy. He has in the past worked with and conducted research on behalf of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), Sport England, the National Trust, and local authorities. For DCMS, Dr. Buraimo conducted economic analyses of participation in the arts, culture, and physical activities. Similarly for Sport England, he conducted a demand analysis of sport and physical recreation in England. Dr. Buraimo continues to engage in applied research and consultancy including economic impact studies of events and demand analysis.

Joachim Prinz, Associate Editor

University of Duisburg-Essen


Jane Ruseski, Associate Editor

West Virginia University
United States

Jane Ruseski serves as the associate director of the Bureau of Business and Economic Research and is an associate professor of economics.  She received her PhD in economics from the Johns Hopkins University in 1998.  Her research has focused on applying theory and econometrics to topics in health, sports, and gambling economics.  Some of her current research focuses on the individual determinants of healthy behaviors, primarily participation in physical activity and sport; the effect of health behaviors and leisure activities (for example, gambling) on health outcomes, including chronic conditions and obesity; and health disparities.  Other recent research topics include: evaluating the effect of hospital-physician integration on hospital performance; comparative analyses of health care reform policies and health care system performance; and the role non-price competition in intercollegiate athletics. She has published in several journals including Contemporary Economic Policy, Health Economics,Southern Economic Journal, BE Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Journal of Sports Economics, International Journal of Sport Finance, Journal of Physical Activity and Health, and Journal of Socioeconomics.


Brian Soebbing, Associate Editor

University of Alberta