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Matthew B. Walker, Editor

Matthew Walker, PhD is a Professor of Management at the University of North Texas. His research and consultancies focus on social program evaluations and strategic processes underpinning organizational efforts across numerous sport industry sectors. He has participated in more than 30 grant-funded research projects for sport and related organizations in the United Stated and around the world, including the PGA of America, National Football League, Sport England, World Golf Foundation, The Boxing Academy, Golf 20/20, Nike, Barclays Bank, USA Archery, Easton Sports Development Foundation, Fulham Football Club Foundation, Fight-4-Change, Magic Bus (among others).Walker has co-authored a scholarly text book, numerous marketing and Organizational Theory book chapters and industry reports, and has written or contributed to more than 70 peer-reviewed articles in leading scientific journals. His research and consultancy work has offered business and management solutions to sport organizations, NGO’s, and government agencies, helping improve and enhance the marketing and management of social and strategic programming efforts.

Kevin Filo, Associate Editor

Kevin Filo is an Associate Professor in the Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management at Griffith University within the Griffith Business School. Filo’s research interest examines the antecedents and outcomes of sport event participation, with a specific focus on the synergy between sport and philanthropy. He also conducts research on community sport as well as the impact of new media technologies on sport experiences. Filo has published his research in Sport Management Review, Journal of Sport Management, European Sport Management Quarterly, Sport Marketing Quarterly, Tourism Management, and Event Management among others. He has been involved in a collection of grant-funded and consultancy projects worth over $500,000, and has worked in conjunction with industry partners such as Basketball Queensland, the Oooredoo Marathon, Triathlon Pink, Manly United Football Club, Relay for Life, and MS Queensland.

Prior to commencing his academic career, Filo worked as the Merchandising Coordinator for the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) (now LIVESTRONG), a non-profit organisation with the mission of inspiring and empowering individuals living with cancer. His tenure as Merchandising Coordinator coincided with the launch of the LIVESTRONG wristband campaign, a partnership between Nike and the LAF. During Filo’s time with the organisation, the LAF sold over $55 million wristbands, and the campaign is regarded as the most successful cause-related marketing campaign of all time.

Brianna Newland, Associate Editor

Bri Newland is an Associate Professor and Academic Director for Undergraduate Programs in the Tisch Institute for Global Sport at New York University. Newland's research interest explores active sport event tourism, with a specific focus on leveraging opportunities for the event and destination. She also conducts research in the area of sport development, examining the effects of sport delivery on sport participation across the lifespan. Newland has published her research in Sport Management Review, Journal of Sport Management, Sport Marketing Quarterly, Journal of Sport &Tourism, Journal of Vacation Marketing, and Event Management among others. She has worked in conjunction with industry partners such as FOX Sports, Vacation Races, Monumental Marathon, Triathlon Australia, USA Triathlon, among others. Her research and consultancy work has offered marketing, management, and leveraging solutions to sport events and organizations, NGB’s and other government agencies, helping improve and enhance business outcomes.

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