Development and Assessment of a Scale to Measure Daily Fantasy Sport Motives

Ryan W. Kota
Charles Reid
Jeffrey D. James
and Amy Chan Hyung Kim

Fantasy sport has rapidly developed into a multi-billion dollar industry in recent years, with daily fantasy sport (DFS) responsible for $18.9 billion in annual fantasy sport consumption revenue (Fantasy Sports Trade Association, 2017). Efforts to examine the drivers of DFS-specific participation remain scarce, with scholars having reported on the motives of traditional fantasy sport (TFS) consumers and hybrid consumers (i.e., those who consume both TFS and DFS) (Billings, Ruihley, & Yang, 2016; Ruihley, Billings, & Rae, 2014). The authors conducted three studies to develop the Daily Fantasy Sport Motives Scale (DFSMS). Development of the DFSMS allows for a more thorough investigation into the motives and underlying drivers of DFS participation. Specifically, the authors discuss the unique nature of the DFSMS, provide suggestions for marketers and academics, and outline future research opportunities.