The Dual Roles of Trust and Risk in Sport Consumer Decision-Making in Social Commerce: An Information Adoption Model

Weisheng Chiu
Heetae Cho
and Hui Mei Chua

The purpose of this study was to understand consumers’ decision-making process based on the information adoption model (IAM). In addition, the trust-risk perspective was incorporated into the IAM to establish a more comprehensive framework to explore consumers’ purchase intention. The results found that consumers’ intention to purchase sporting goods was significantly predicted by the IAM and perceptions of trust and risk. Specifically, the relationships within the IAM were positive and significant, and both argument quality and source credibility affected information usefulness, which further led to information adoption. Moreover, information adoption had a positive influence on purchase intention. In addition, perceived trust and risk played different roles in consumers’ information adoption process and purchase intention. This study initially explores sport consumers’ decision-making in social commerce. Integrating the IAM and trust-risk perspective provides insights into the consumers’ information adoption process and purchase intention of sporting goods.