Editor's Note

Arne Fedderson
Jane E. Ruseski
Babatunde Buraimo
and Joachim Prinz

This issue of the International Journal of Sport Finance (IJSF) represents another milestone in our history: It is the 10th anniversary of our journal. In February 2006, the first issue of IJSF, published under the editorship of Dennis Howard and Bill Gerrard, displayed the broad variety of topics we regularly publish. While the early issues contained four research articles and an executive interview, later issues consisted mainly of five research articles with an occasional book review. This steady development of the IJSF into a renowned field journal is a major accomplishment of Dennis and Bill during the journal’s first three years, as well as the second editorial team of Rob Simmons, Brad Humphreys, and Bernd Frick, who served for the next six years. We would like to thank them for their vision and dedication. Now entering our second year as an editorial team, we have aspired to continue featuring current research and topics of interest, which has enabled IJSF to position itself as a premier journal in the field.