Effects of Sport Event Satisfaction on Team Identification and Revisit Intent

Joon Sung Lee

By incorporating two different types of event satisfaction (core and peripheral event), the present study aims to test whether sporting event satisfaction can increase fans’ team identification and revisit intent. Data were collected from a total of 224 spectators of a Korean men’s professional basketball event. The results indicate that performance-related satisfaction had a positive impact on both team identification and revisit intent, while peripheral-event-related satisfaction had a positive impact only on revisit intent. Moreover, team identification was found to partially mediate the impact of core event satisfaction on revisit intent. In particular, we found that satisfaction from performance-related elements increased the level of team identification, while satisfaction from event-related factors did not. Examining the mediating role of team identification in the relationship between consumer satisfaction and revisit intent, this study extends the sport marketing literature that has focused primarily on the direct impact of consumer satisfaction on revisit intent.