An Examination of Sponsor Outcomes at Different Tiers of IndyCar Sponsorship

Zachary Evans and Terry Eddy

While frequently examined in events and service research, satisfaction has received little examination in the context of sponsorship. Given the shared characteristics of both service and sport-derived products, this study, which was framed by the theory of planned behavior, aimed to examine the influence of event satisfaction, motorsport involvement, and sponsor-event fi t on both sponsor image and behavioral intentions for a title sponsor of an IndyCar event. In addition, the study explored the influence of satisfaction and motorsport involvement on sponsor awareness and image for official event sponsors. Th e results indicated that the measured constructs generally exhibited similar relationships with title and official sponsors and that there was no significant relationship between satisfaction and behavioral intention. Th us, an individual’s preconceptions of an event may be more important than their event experiences in developing behavioral intentions. Further implications for future strategy for IndyCar sponsors and event organizers are also discussed.