General Admission Alcohol Availability at American College Football Bowl Subdivision Stadiums: A Difference-in-Difference with Timing Variation Analysis of Football Program Concession Revenues and Ticket Sales

Stacey L. Brook

The percentage of universities selling alcohol to legally aged general admission spectators at football bowl subdivision stadiums increased by nearly 150% from 2012 to 2018. Previous research examines the effect of alcohol availability on revenue using a pro forma case study for one university. The literature is extended by systematically analyzing public college football program concession and ticket revenues using data from the NCAA Membership Financial Reporting System covering the 2012 to 2018 seasons. Using a differential timing difference-in-difference methodology, universities allowing general admission alcohol sales causes concession revenues to increase by approximately $350,000 or $1.15 per fan during this time period, but allowing general admission alcohol sales does not have a statistically insignificant impact on ticket sales revenues.