The Impact of Self-Continuity on Fans' Pride and Word-of-Mouth Recommendations: The Moderating Effects of Team Performance and Social Responsibility Associations

Mark Jaewon Chang
Daniel P. Connaughton
Ilyoung Ju
Jihye Kim
and Joon-Ho Kang

The aim of this study was to examine the effect of self-continuity messages on fans’ pride and word-of-mouth recommendations (WOM), and whether messages regarding sport team performance and corporate social responsibility (CSR) can enhance the effect of self-continuity messages. The results indicated that self-continuity can enhance fans’ pride, and WOM accordingly, and messages evoking self-continuity and CSR could enhance fans’ pride and WOM. Additionally, the results also indicated that CSR messages can enhance the impact of self-continuity on fans’ pride when fans heard that their favorite team’s performance is poor. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.