An Inquiry into the Effectiveness of an In-Game Sponsorship Activation Experience on Sponsorship Awareness and Share of Wallet

Thomas M. Hickman

This article explores the impact of an In-Game Sponsorship Activation Experience (SAE) on its ability to promote sponsorship awareness and share of wallet gains for the sponsoring brand of a college basketball team. The term In-Game SAE is introduced to the literature and is defined as entertainment featuring the sponsoring brand that occurs during a game, which allows for voluntary fan participation. In addition, three other sponsors of the same team are studied that did not utilize an In-Game SAE. Results indicate that an In-Game SAE elevates awareness and share of wallet among attendees as compared to the television audience. These differences were not found for sponsors that lacked an In-Game SAE. Th ese results suggest an In-Game SAE creates memorability with attendees that translates into marketplace support. Additionally, the study finds that general purchase intentions and team identification are unreliable predictors of sponsorship awareness.