Motivations and Fan Engagement Related to Professional Bass Fishing Spectatorship

Matthew J. Bernthal
Todd Koesters
Khalid Ballouli
and Matthew T. Brown

It can be argued that the birth of the modern bass fishing industry took place in 1967, when Ray Scott lever-aged the popularity of the sport and created the first modern bass fishing tournament (B.A.S.S. historical timeline, 2010). The success of this tournament led Scott to incorporate Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.) as a bass fishing tournament organizer, membership organization, and media company pub-lishing Bassmaster Magazine (B.A.S.S. historical timeline, 2010). The 1980s saw significant exposure for the sport and B.A.S.S. when ABC’s 20/20 broadcasted a feature on B.A.S.S.’s largest tournament, the Bassmaster Classic, and the New York Times featured B.A.S.S. on its front page.